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Here we answer the most frequently-asked questions about product value, availability, replacements and more. If you don't find the answer to your question here, email us at CustomerService@JohnnyLightning.com. Quality Control / Missing Parts
I have a damaged or defective item or an item that is missing or in need of parts.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, RC2 does not stock any replacement items or extra parts, or issue refunds or exchanges for any products purchased from retail stores. If you have a product that is damaged, missing items or in need of replacement parts, please return it to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange. If it is not possible to return to the place of purchase, then you may try exchanging the product at a different store/dealer near you that carries our products. Thank you. Release & Re-release Information
How can I learn about previous Johnny Lightning releases?
For previous Johnny Lightning releases, please visit the encyclopedic website, www.jlcollector.com. Tomart's Price Guide to Johnny Lightning Vehicles (Mac Ragan, 2001, Tomart Publications) includes pictures of almost every Johnny Lightning car made---including White Lightning versions---from 1969 to mid-2001 (you can find a copy of that book here). Lee's Toy Review, a monthly magazine, lists releases with values for most years.

Will you re-release a particular vehicle that you made a number of years ago?
RC2 produces a wide variety of products under the Johnny Lightning brand, including unique styles, sizes and variations of current and retro vehicles. Generally it is the company’s practice to release a Johnny Lightning vehicle only once and not to re-release the vehicle after it has been retired. I am a dealer needing assistance.
Please send an email to CustomerService@JohnnyLightning.com for Dealer Assistance questions. Value of Item
What are some sources for product valuation?
Please consult reference guidebooks and Web sites compiled by independent individuals. RC2 in no way determines the value or secondary market pricing of our collectibles. Price guides and such information are put together by monthly publications such as Beckett Racing, Die Cast Digest and Racing Collectors Price Guide. Please contact the publications directly. Quantity of Product Released
How many of each item are produced?
RC2 considers production quantities to be confidential information and does not release them unless they are clearly stated on the product packaging. However, some customers, who commission and purchase an entire production run of a product and then sell it to consumers, may choose to release the quantity. White LightningTM Cars
What is a White Lightning car?
White Lightning cars are variations-made in small quantities-of regular production models. For 1:64-scale cars, RC2 produces White Lightning versions for 1% to 2% of any production run. We randomly insert these cars into cases at the factory.

To give you an idea of how scarce these cars are, consider this: If RC2 produces 10,000 Pontiac GTO models for its Musclecars series, and makes 1% of those cars White Lightning versions, we only make 100 White Lightning versions of the GTO. That's 100 White Lightning models for the entire world.

What makes a White Lightning car?
With early White Lightning cars, the company almost always painted the body white or pearl white. It didn't take long for people-collectors and non-collectors-to realize these cars were special, and easy to spot.

The Johnny Lightning Team has always wanted as many White Lightning cars to get into the hands of collectors as possible. To achieve that goal, they began changing the characteristics of the White Lightning car. It wasn't always white any more. That made the cars easier to hide on the pegs…waiting for a collector's keen eye.

Below is a list of White Lightning characteristics. In most cases, any given White Lightning car will have two features that are different from the regular version.
  1. White body
  2. Pearl-White body
  3. White chassis
  4. Pearl-White chassis
  5. White engine
  6. Tinted glass
  7. White rims (injected white…not painted)
  8. White tires
  9. White interior (injected white…not painted)
  10. The words "White Lightning" on the tires
  11. Metallic gold body (always paired with a white characteristic)
  12. Whitewall tires instead of red stripes
Common Combinations:
  1. White interior and white rims
  2. White tires and white chassis
  3. Pearl-White body and white interior
  4. Tinted glass and white interior
  5. White rims and white tires
Important Facts to Remember:
  • Not every white model is a White Lightning car.
  • Not every pearl-white model is a White Lightning car.
  • Not every car with a white interior is a White Lightning version.
  • White Lightning cars aren't always white.
  • White Lightning characteristics change with most every release.
The fun is in the hunt. Keep your eyes open. Sometimes a White Lightning car may be hanging on the end of a peg, right in front of you.

Where can I learn more about White Lightning Cars?
LightningLane.com (http://www.lightninglane.com) is an excellent website that documents every White Lightning Car made.
Also visit JLcollector.com (http://www.jlcollector.com/) Lightning StrikeTM Cars
What is a Lightning Strike car?
Lightning Strike cars are variations-made in small quantities-of regular production models. For 1:64 and 1:24-scale cars, RC2 produces Lightning Strike versions for 1% of selected production runs. We randomly insert these cars into cases at the factory.

What makes a Lightning Strike car?
Like White Lightnings, a Lightning Strike is rare but only one element on the car makes a Lightning Strike and that is the tires. For these releases, the tires are painted or molded in color to create a dynamic and fun release.

Product Suggestions
How can I submit a product idea to you?
Unfortunately, neither RC2 nor any of its subsidiary divisions (Ertl and Learning Curve), can accept unsolicited product suggestions, concept or ideas. Contact Us
What if my question is not listed?
We've answered your most frequently-asked questions about product value, availability, replacements and more. If you don't find the answer to your question here, email us at CustomerService@JohnnyLightning.com

If you did not find an answer to your question in our current FAQs, please e-mail it to CustomerService@JohnnyLightning.com. Note that while we can not answer every question, we will periodically post answers to your most frequently asked questions.