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'41 Lincoln Continental

Release Date: June 2008

Cast Number: 991

The 41 Lincoln Continental can trace its lineage back to Edsel Ford, himself. In 1938, he commissioned a special custom convertible based on the Lincoln Zephyr, but with European-influenced design cues that included long hoods and fenders, and narrow grilles. This one-off attracted a great deal of attention, so a production version was added to the 1940 Zephyr line. For 41, the Continental became a distinct model. At nearly two tons, the Continental was still agile, and was powered by a 120 hp. 292 cid. V-12. The convertible, or cabriolet, version proved to be popular, with 400 being sold. Shimmering in Silver Chrome, with a healthy dose of exterior chrome, this new tool is certainly dressed to impress.